Salesforce Lightning Migration

Are you looking for migrating your org from Salesforce Classic to Lighting? Our Lightning Expert team help you for this migration. why you should migrate to lightning? Because, Salesforce releases new enhancements in every four months and those features are available only for Lightning Platform. Only Lightning users will have access to new enhancements. Salesforce users who do not migrate to Lightning will have to pay additional costs for these updates and new services. Lightning Provides better User experience and responsive UI. Lightning improves sales and marketing forecasts easier.

Check Your Org’s Readiness for Lightning Experience

Our Lightning Expert team will fetch this report from your Salesforce instance. This categorized report will provide Potential code issues, areas of code that need adjustment. This report helps to determine which functionality and components are impacted once we start migration. This Readiness Reports also include ROI calculations to help you make the case to your leadership and stakeholders, and an estimated level of effort for your rollout.

Analyse Lightning readiness report

Our team Analyse this report and provide information about which features we can leverage, which feature are not available in lightning but still your business needs, which customization are not supported in lightning and require custom development using LWC. Based on this information we will provide estimation effort for your Lighting migration.

Step-by-Step Migration

Our expert team identify key business groups based on your team size, readiness report and volume of data in advance. Once we migrate functionality to LEX and ready to be used, that we guide and provide training to your users about how to use lightning features, we provide details about how they were using previously and how they have to use in future. we also create and provide user guide for reference.

Migrate Attachment and Notes to Salesforce Files and Contentnote

Salesforce does not recommend to use the legacy Notes & Attachments objects once we migrate to Lightning experience. We will help you to load all existing Notes and attachment move into Salesforce files and contentnote. we also upgrade any automation which are creating notes and attachment.

User Adoption

We help and guide your testing users to avoid challenges and streamline adoption of migration done by our team, for each user group. powerful features of Lightning make users work easy and reduce the uncertainty. We will provide support until the entire team becomes familiar with the new UI, and a feel comfortable. We will provide detailed documentation of the process. Users can refer this Documentation for any troubleshooting. It also becomes part of the knowledge transfer of your org.  This user adoption process helps to ensure there are no surprises when transitioning users to the new interface.

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Make the Move to Lightning Experience

Migration analysis

Based on Salesforce Lightning readiness report, ourspecialised team identify components, which are needed for migration.

Launch in Phases

Our Lightning expert team migrate your application in multiple phases based on business module and guide your relative team and provide training manual so it will be easy to adopt and use.

Split View

Our Lightning expert team configure and customise pages, so your user can perform multi task in a faster and effective way.

Increase Productivity

Lightning will enhance user experience and provide you an ability to use new feature, as a result it will not require new custom development for many standard features.